The Invicta Growth EIS Fund

It Takes More Than Capital To Grow

In today's competitive environment, smaller companies need more than an investment of capital to reach their full potential. The Invicta Growth EIS offers multiple channels of EIS qualifying deal flow supplied by collaborating Investment Partners. The Investment Partners provide a “hothouse” environment for successfully selected companies and offer a wide range of support to accelerate their growth. 

What Makes The Invicta Growth EIS Different?

Our collaboration with our investment partners gives Invicta access to additional levels of EIS qualifying deal flow, where the investee companies are given support throughout their development. Companies taken on are typically revenue generating, show the ability to grow at an international level and use innovation to engage with customers and gain traction within established markets.

There is plenty of capital available to start-ups in the UK, whether VC or angel investors, and this can be all they need to get off the ground and achieve a minimum viable product. But scaling up to become a successful, sustainable business requires more than just a passive financial investment.

Multi-Channel Approach

The Invicta Growth EIS offers investors diversity from different levels of EIS company deal-flow. In addition, we not only have access to companies provided by CSP and Invicta, but from other independent investment partners as well.

What Companies Are Being Invested In?

The Invicta Growth EIS Fund will invest in companies which display the following crtieria: 

  • Revenue generating at the point of investment

  • Experienced management with specific expertise within their sector

  • Display a clear ability to capture market share at an international level 

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CSP Dark blue.png

CSP has a different proposition for partner companies. They enable partner companies to think and act like a big company at an early stage in their development.


The dedicated corporate venturing unit, Capita Scaling Partner, has been created as a platform to help secure tangible growth for start-ups by leveraging the wherewithal of Capita. It is made up of highly experienced professionals with skills across sales, marketing, strategy, commercial negotiations, investment, business architecture, IT and project management. CSP provide partner companies with:

  • A dedicated business development team that works with them over 2-3 years to secure B2B deals from an established client base

  • Direct access to corporate contacts – the decision makers – through relationships that have been built up over 30 years

  • The ability to negotiate scale deals with clients on an equal footing

  • Direct channels to UK and Ireland consumers

  • Capita’s proprietary consumer data, collected from handling over 45 million contacts every day

  • Access to inhouse low cost and scalable shared services

  • Access to Capita's extensive investor network and relationships with investment banks.


Exit / Holding Period

Exits are likely to be a trade sale to a competitor or market counterparty. Investor should look at an investment in the Invicta Media EIS with a 4-6 year time scale.

Close Dates

First closing date of 1st April 2019

Target Return

The Invicta Growth EIS is targeting companies which show the potential for a 2x Fund return on initial investment


Non-liquid. Investors will receive returns upon exit of the investee companies


Across at least 3 companies per investment in the Fund

Minimum Subscription


Adviser Charges

Adviser charges can be facilitated through this service


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Application Form

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Key Investor Information Document



Initial / Promoter's Fee


Annual Management Fee

1.7% per annum

Third Party Costs


Fund Manager's Fee

0.3% per annum

Performance Fee

20% of return above £1.10


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Please read the Information Memorandum for the Fund carefully, specifically the Risk Factors set out on pages 27 to 30, before considering your investment decision. Potential Investors are recommended to seek independent financial and tax advice before investing. Please note that neither the Manager nor Invicta are able to provide you with advice about whether you should invest in the fund.


Prospective Investors should note that past performance is not necessarily a guide indication of future performance. The value of an investment can fall as well as rise and Investors may not get back the amount originally invested. Taxation levels, bases and reliefs may change if the law changes and the tax benefits of products will vary according to your personal circumstances.


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