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Invicta Capital has extensive knowledge across a variety of sectors including property, renewables, and in particular the media sector. Since it’s inception in 2001, Invicta Capital have participated in the financing of film and television projects including James Bond: Casino Royale, The Da Vinci Code, Layer Cake, Big Fish and Wallace & Grommit: Curse of the Were Rabbit.

After qualifying as a solicitor, Mohammed Yusef gained considerable expertise in banking, leasing and corporate finance at an international level, and applied it with great success to the media industry. To date he has worked with market leaders including the major Hollywood studios Warner Bros, Sony and Paramount as well as being personally responsible for the $100m fund-raising of HBO’s highly acclaimed television production, Band of Brothers.


Since 2001 Invicta Capital have raised over £1.5 billion across 140 transactions with over £20m raised in the property and renewables sectors. Invicta was responsible for the InterContinental Hotel Staybridge Suites in Birmingham and the Holiday Inn Express in Dundee, together with a renewable solar farm in Scotland via BPRA and EIS structures. The 2018 sale of the solar farm generated a return of £1.16 on a £1.00 investment, not including any of the tax reliefs available via the EIS structure in place.

Invicta have partnered with market-leading companies in both the media and technology & life sciences sectors to create exclusive EIS opportunities not available elsewhere in the market via The Invicta Media EIS Fund and The Invicta Growth EIS Fund. (Please view our Investments to learn more)


Each member of the Invicta team is a specialist in their field, currently providing services to over 1,500 investors across a variety of investment structures. We provide one of the most personalised services to both investors and the independent financial advisory community. The Invicta team are on hand to provide a high level, bespoke service to all customers.

When it comes to our approach to investing in growth companies, we believe there really is no substitute for experience. We use our years of knowledge, in conjunction with established investment managers, to offer investors a “best of breed” of EIS companies. These companies are selected by the Investment Committee at Invicta from a range of often proprietary and unique sources of deal flow, which themselves have been pre-vetted by our partners. This two-tier process ensures that we only offer investors and financial advisors the best and most unique opportunities available.

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